On December 25, 2000, I was reminiscing about the time I participated in a NYCares clean-up day. It got me thinking about how everyone has to keep coming back year after year because so many people are oblivious and/or indifferent to the repercussions of this ridiculous and pitiful problem. I pondered if humanity would ever evolve beyond it, and how that would happen. I mean, there are lots of complex problems in the world, but, to stop littering, litterers just need to stop littering. Then the light bulb went off: “StopLitteringDOTCOM!” And since no one else had thought of it yet, I committed to making the site something that all like-minded people would eagerly support by buying one or more of my products, confident that once the logo became ubiquitous it would, indeed, compel many habitual offenders to stop littering; as well as prompting many who already care about this issue to pick up litter sometimes, or more often.

Jeff Poster

President, Posterity, Inc.

(828) 782-8242


“We are living in a society! We’re supposed to be acting in a civilized way!” ~George Costanza