Have you ever wondered if society will eventually become litter-free? Did you ever wonder how they would have managed to accomplish that? Well, that’s exactly what we are initiating. This website is selling the rights to a litter-free society. To symbolize and implement this enterprise we are selling stuff with our logo. By purchasing these items you will become authorized* to exercise your prerogative to pick up one or more pieces of litter a day. And, by actually engaging this prerogative, you are, in effect, voting for a clean society and helping to stigmatize littering. And you won’t feel like you’re the weird one for picking up litter at the bus stop since you won’t be the only one doing it.

How to Confront a Litterer

*products not actually required to exercise said authority.


“If I criticize somebody, it’s because I have higher hopes for the world, something good to replace the bad. I’m not saying what the Beat Generation says: ‘Go away because I’m not involved.’ I’m here, and I’m involved.” ~Mort Sahl